The Myth of the Small Asian Penis

The myth of the small Asian penis has many benefits. It gives non-Asian men an ego boost. Westerners see Asian men as they need to be in order to have an appealing body. Furthermore, it gives the stereotype of an Asian dick the attention it deserves. There is no scientific basis for the myth. It has become a popular meme thanks to the fact that it has become a huge industry.

The truth is that the BAC gene has little to do with the size of the Asian penis. Mongol BACs were larger than horse dicks, and the BAC gene originated in Mongoloids. The BAC gene is the main cause of the smaller Asian penis. These studies will be more accurate when more people are studied. But if you want to be a good partner, you should be aware of the myths about the small Asian penis.

The biggest myth is that Asian penises are smaller than those of other races. The size of an Asian penis is smaller than that of an American or a European man. While this difference isn’t statistically significant, it is an accurate representation of the typical penis. If you’re Asian, it’s easy to make a joke about it, and that’s why some white men are so obsessed with it. If you’re white, you should know that there are countless Asian males with large, voluminous penises.

There are many myths about the size of the penis. The myth about the Asian penis is especially popular with racist insecure white men. The reason for this is that white males are the ideal man, whereas the Asians are in the middle. Having a small penis means that you’re a passive male and won’t make a woman jealous. This stereotype is not only untrue, but it also stifles a woman’s sexual desire.

The smallest Asian penis is also a myth. This myth was first conceived in 1898, when Japanese men were still considered to be short-handed. In the same way, they had a smaller penis than European men, so it wasn’t until the 1950s that Western scientists discovered that size and race did not correlate. However, the largest Asian penis is not the shortest – it’s bigger than an average European male’s.

Some studies have compared the shortest Japanese to the average US male, a fact that is surprising when you consider the country’s vast size differences. The Japanese penis is also the shortest of 17 Asian countries. This is due to their lack of interest in their penis size. While their female counterparts may be more interested in the size of their partner, Chinese men don’t care about penis length. They are not bothered by the size of their manhood.