Big Dick Vs Small Dick – Does It Really Makes a Difference?

So what is the answer to “How to tell if a guy has a big penis?”? A lot of us have come to believe that the only way to do this is to go and ask him either in person or online. What I would like to present to you today is a method that is a logical extension of asking the question. Big dick vs small dick! This method can be used by men to determine if their partners are “hung”. Or whether they are “around” enough.

big dick vs small dick real

To begin with, we all know that the length of a man’s penis does matter. We all also, quite obviously, all agree that the thickness of a man’s penis is of equal importance. What we don’t all agree on, however, is the method by which one can determine the girth of one’s penis. The average penis size is about 6.5 inches long. While it is not impossible to come up with a number that is smaller than that, what is far more important is to ask oneself the question, “How big is my package?”

When people wonder how big their packages are, they often refer to the average male penis size. However, people who are unsure of their own packages often make the mistake of comparing themselves to someone who is much bigger than they are. Many men refer to themselves as “short” or “fat” or even “too skinny.” The problem with all of these labels is that they are wildly inaccurate, and they have nothing to do with one’s actual size.

big dick vs small dick

Big dick vs small dick

If you were to conduct an objective study of real men, both big and small, you would find out that the average package size of a man is actually longer than six inches in length. Vacuum is very accurate when it comes to measuring the penis. Many people also use the “tagged big dick vs small dick” method in order to gauge their sexual prowess. Unfortunately, “short” or “fat” men cannot be compared to average males because they do not have a penis. While it may seem like a good way to judge your sexual prowess, it is actually very misleading, and you should always use other methods of measuring penis size before using “the dong”.

What is the dong? This is a question many men pose when they hear about men with unusually large penises. The dong is simply an enlarged version of the penis, which can only be seen by the owner. Although a penis might appear longer due to the erectile tissues protruding from the base, these are only the tip of the iceberg. A penis does not increase in length proportionally to its girth, so the more you gain in girth the less you will gain in length.

So how can you tell if you have a big dick or a small dick? Your best option is to stand beside a mirror and reach for the biggest sized member in the world (without seeing it) and slowly thrust your middle and index finger in and out. If you feel that your manhood begins to tighten as you begin to thrust your fingers in and out, then you are in the market for a larger member.